Old Yellow Bricks

On a crisp, very early Sunday morning, and I’m saying 5-a.m. early, I took off for a photoshoot with a thrift store calledĀ Tay Vintage. Impossible eh (?) as I’ve never been a morning person and I’ve never woken up that early since I came back to my country. And how could it bother me when I got to contemplate such beautiful sceneries of Hanoi in autumn, with crispy crusty leaves browned by the sun and old rustic streets packed by the vibrancy and vividness of flower vendors?

I’ve been to cities, and beaches, and pine woods, and lupin fields. I’ve been to the most beautiful places and dreamt to have my soul belonged there one day, but there is no place like home. And as I’m sitting down to let the wordiness flow out of me, I smell the musty scent from the stirred up soil as theĀ raindrops drip on my window pane – the smell that I’ve missed so much during my two years in America, the smell that has never failed to inspire me.

All right that’s enough cheesiness, now enjoy the photos. I’ve had the most fun doing this shoot with the friendliest people and I hope you guys also enjoy it.







Tribal print knits, vintage denim and a pair of old Timberland boots. What else do you need for an autumn day like this?


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