I run with scissors

As the weather gets nicer and nicer everyday my mood just gets so much better. I’m still in school, and not being able to wear certain clothes is kind of uninspiring for me, but this week I got out of my comfort zone every single day to shoot and smell flowers and also I just filmed something for my film class and I’m still in the middle of editing it so hopefully it will turn out great! I might upload it on my Youtube at anytime so here goes the link to my channel (I post really random stuff).

So this week I shot for my friend Simay as she insisted to wear my clothes to look more bohemian. So I put together these pieces that initially turned her into a trippy hippie?! (don’t kill me for saying that) and it looked really pretty on her so here it goes-



irrelevant rants:        just this monday            i thought i got my life together and now i’m out of             chips and salsa.       there is no reason to wake up       in the morning anymore.







Funny story about these pants that I hung up on the branch: we made Victoria’s Secret poses next to them, only to realize that we forgot them there when we got back. I know. Like how tf can one forget her pants right?


Dress: Free People

Bralette: Urban Outfitters

Strappy ballet flats: Mexicali Blues

Jewelries: honestly I have no idea because they’re hers.

IMG_0663 (1) IMG_7825

IMG_0671 (1)

Slip dress: Free People

Necklaces: Forever 21

So that’s it for today. I really am sorry for the quality of these photos I don’t know what happened there but I guess what’s done is done. Also I created another instagram account only for photography purposes: @jmsmotions// or u guys can click on it here. Follow me if you’re interested or just head over to see some pictures that I took I appreciate all the attention you pay to my humdrum life lol.

Later skaterrr  xx


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